CiviCRM Showcase: Migrate and Enrich Data

Each showcase that is presented here, shows functionality that is provided by CiviCRM in combination with other systems. The site intends to show examples of how CiviCRM can support organisations when reaching out to their constituents, try to engage or activate constituents or raise funds to continue aiming for their goals.

The videos on the use case pages, show functionality from different perspectives:

  • the constituent / visitor of your website
  • the organisation’s staff member
  • a manager

For all use cases, we’ve created separate pages to explain how that particular use case was set up and configured or provided links to places where the setup is explained.

The “Migrate and Enrich Data” Use Case #

Save the Forest, in its 2 year existence, has been administering its contacts, events and mailings with spreadsheets and individual mail clients. Everyone is aware of the amount of work and inevitable errors that this results in. It is decided, therefore, to implement CiviCRM in order to improve Save the Forest’s contact management, speed up the administrative work regarding the organisation of their events and to enable a proper newsletter process. Eventually, member management, fundraising and event registrations will also need to be supported by CiviCRM, as well as all interaction with contacts through the Save the Forest website. It is now time to start importing all the contacts from spreadsheets and address books, dedupe them and make sure all relevant data is being properly stored in the new database. 

Some contacts, volunteers, will after the migration be contacted through CiviMail. They will be asked to update their availability and their skills as volunteers. Though that information was asked before, it is now outdated, in different spreadsheets and basically not reliable anymore.

The Volunteer manager will contact all volunteers that can be called to get to know them and report her impressions.

From the constituent’s perspective #

The constituent / volunteer is invited to update their data after the organisation started using a new CRM system, so that they can more accurately approach volunteers for specific tasks. The video shows that process.

From IT Staff Perspective #

The IT staff member has decided with representatives in the organisation what data are to be imported, everyone got a spreadsheet format to provide data with that are to be imported. The video shows what the IT staff member does, without coding, to import the data from the different spreadsheets.

From Communication Staff Perspective #

The communication department will invite volunteers to update their availability and skills and whether they can be contacted. They send an invite through Civimail to fill out a form on the organisation’s website.

From Management Perspective #

The volunteer manager aims to meet all volunteers that provided their availability and skills to Save the Forest. The video shows the process and how CiviCRM can support that process.