How was this made with CiviCRM?

Introduction #

This page contains videos that explain how the setup was done for the Newsletter videos. It assumes you are familiar with Drupal 9 and CiviCRM. If you are neither, the videos may be difficult to follow. The videos showing functionality from the user perspective may be your best option for now.

We do not claim to show you the best or only solution for the required functionality in the videos. There are likely to be plenty of other options available to achieve the same goals, and probably even better ones. The videos intend to give an impression how different requirements can be achieved through the use of CiviCRM and other tools.

Modules and Extensions #

CiviCRM Extensions

Drupal Modules

  • Drupal Webform – to create the registration form
  • Webform CiviCRM – to integrate the registration form with CiviCRM data
  • CiviMcRestface – to enable communication between the website and CiviCRM in its own separate install.

Custom Fields #

The video shows how to create custom fields on an individual contact in CiviCRM. In the use case those are the contact’s interests and level of involvement with the organisation.

Activities #

The video shows how activity types can be added to CiviCRM. In the use case, an activity is added to indicate a contact updated their mailing preferences.

Tokens #

The video explains how a token can be generated when creating a custom field but also how you can create your own tokens. Tokens can be used when sending out an email with personalised data in it, such as, in the use case, the mailinggroups the contact has registered for.

Mail Template #

The video shows how to create the mail template with Mosaico, including adding tokens to a template.

Groups #

The video shows how to add a new group, with parent- and childgroups, and how to define it becomes a mailing group.

CiviRules #

The video demonstrates the use of CiviRules to send a confirmation email when submitting the form on the website. It shows the trigger, conditions and the action to be taken.