CiviCRM Showcase: Outlook Integration

Introduction #

Each showcase that is presented here, shows functionality that is provided by CiviCRM in combination with other systems. The site intends to show examples of how CiviCRM can support organisations when reaching out to their constituents, try to engage or activate constituents or raise funds to continue aiming for their goals.

The video on this page shows the functionality of a CiviCRM extension: Outlook365 integration. It shows how the extension enables functionality that can be used in Outlook. The video also shows what the Outlook user can do to interact with CiviCRM data from the Outlook client.

For all use cases, we’ve created separate pages to explain how that particular use case was set up and configured or provided links to places where the setup is explained.

The Use Case #

Any Outlook 365 Outlook user communicates with constituents and other organisational contacts through Outlook. Sometimes, content of such email correspondence is relevant for others in the organisation to know about when getting in touch with that constituent. In such situations, it can be very useful to be able to store the email or the other recipients of that email in CiviCRM.

A second useful application of this Outlook 365 integration could be that a staff member can pick up contacts from CiviCRM to who they want to send an email. It is however not relevant to store the content of that email in CiviCRM. In that situation, contact data from CiviCRM can be used to send email from Outlook to CiviCRM contacts.

From the Staff member’s perspective #