CiviCRM Showcase: Student Support

Introduction #

Each showcase that is presented here, shows functionality that is provided by CiviCRM in combination with other systems. The site intends to show examples of how CiviCRM can support organisations when reaching out to their constituents, try to engage or activate constituents or raise funds to continue aiming for their goals.

The videos on the use case pages, show functionality from different perspectives:

  • the constituent / visitor of your website
  • the organisation’s staff member
  • a manager

For all use cases, we’ve created separate pages to explain how that particular use case was set up and configured or provided links to places where the setup is explained.

The “Student Support” Use Case #

School Completion Programmes support primary and secondary schools. Students that require extra support, mostly socially, can be helped by project workers from a School Completion Programme. 

The use case presents how the project worker uses CiviCRM to record progress by recording meetings with students and other people involved. It also showcases permissions that project workers have to either get their own students on their caseload presented but can also find other students in their schools, whereas they can not see students from schools they are not involved in. The use case also demonstrates what a team leader of the programme can see and do to manage project workers’ caseloads and  report anonymously on individual students.

From the User perspective – the Coordinator #

The video shows how new students are added to CiviCRM through a Drupal webform.

From the Project Worker’s Perspective #

The video shows what a staff member sees and does when documenting the student’s progress.

Management Perspective – the Student Report #

The video shows what a coordinator does to print a student report.