CRM Showcases

When looking for CRM software for your organisation, you want to see screens, what it looks like, what it can do, what is involved to integrate it with your existing other systems, such as your website or your financial or bookkeeping software.

This website aims to help you get all those things. We took a number of use cases that involve CRM functionality.


  • Contact us
    when visitors of your website want to ask a question, make a comment, you need a procedure to deal with such questions, including providing the answers – preferably as automated as possible
  • Newsletter signup
    when visitors of your website want to be kept up-to-date but also when they want to unsubscribe, with confirmation emails
  • Online fundraising
    with online donations or direct debits, confirmation emails, reports and totals
  • Event management
    published on your website, with registrations, confirmations and payments, whereas staff will only work in CiviCRM


The showcases use different techniques:

  • CiviCRM directly installed in your website’s CMS
  • CiviCRM in its own separate install, behind a firewall and proxy server and connected to one or more websites
  • There are examples of both WordPress and Drupal 9 installs