How was this made with CiviCRM?

Introduction #

This page contains videos that explain how the setup was done for the Migrate and Enrich Data with CiviCRM use case. It assumes you are familiar with WordPress and CiviCRM. If you are neither, the videos may be difficult to follow. The videos showing functionality from the user perspective may be your best option for now.

We do not claim to show you the best or only solution for the required functionality in the videos. There are likely to be plenty of other options available to achieve the same goals, and probably even better ones. The videos intend to give an impression how different requirements can be achieved through the use of CiviCRM and other tools.

Plugins and Extensions #

CiviCRM Extensions

  • Form Processor – to create the processor that manages the submitted form
  • Mosaico – to create and send the template confirmation email
  • Mosaico Message Templates (EXPERIMENTAL) – to enable the template email to be available for other than newsletters, such as ordinary message templates
  • Action Provider – required for the Formprocesoor
  • Advanced import – to enable data import through CiviCRM’s API
  • Advanced Import Form Processor Integration – to enable data that get processed by the Formprocessor
  • Dataprocessor – to create the “Details” token for the Call Report
  • Data Processor Token Output – to create the “Details” token for the Call Report
  • Xtended Contact Matcher – to dedupe imported contacts through Advanced Import

WordPress Plugins

Dataimport with formprocessors and deduplication #

Data Import with Formprocessor and Advanced Import Extensions

The video shows the import of data and after that shows how CiviCRM’s formprocessor was setup, together with the Acvanced Import Extension and Advanced Import Form Processor Integration extension help in carrying out the import.

Deduping contacts during data migration

The video shows some of the options CiviCRM offers to dedupe contacts during (but also after) the import of contact data.

Mosaico Template #


Webform and Formprocessor to update volunteer data #


Webform and Formprocessor to make call report #