How was this made with CiviCRM?

Introduction #

This page contains videos that explain how the setup was done for the Contact Us videos. It assumes you are familiar with Drupal 9 and CiviCRM. If you are neither, the videos may be difficult to follow. The videos showing functionality from the user perspective may be your best option for now.

We do not claim to show you the best or only solution for the required functionality in the videos. There are likely to be plenty of other options available to achieve the same goals, and probably even better ones. The videos intend to give an impression how different requirements can be achieved through the use of CiviCRM and other tools.

Modules and Extensions #

CiviCRM Extensions

  • CiviRules – to create the business rule when and which mailtemplate is to be sent to the constituent
  • Form Processor – to create the processor that manages the submitted form
  • Mosaico – to create the template confirmation email
  • Mosaico Message Templates (EXPERIMENTAL) – to enable the template email to be available for other than newsletters, such as ordinary message templates

Drupal Modules

  • CiviMcRestface – to enable the communication with CiviCRM in a separate install
  • Webforms – to create the form to get in touch with the organisation
  • Webform CiviCRM – integration of Drupal and CiviCRM to easily create data input in CiviCRM

Activity Types #

The video shows how activity types can be defined in CiviCRM for this use case. The use case creates a number of activities.

Custom Fields #

The video shows how custom fields can be created and added to specific entities in CiviCRM

Webform #

The video shows how to create a webform through which a constituent / website visitor can get in touch with your organisation, to leave feedback or to ask a question.

Mail Templates #

Mail templates can be used to send automated email messages on the basis of triggers that you define or to send bulkmail like Newsletters with. This video shows how to create an email template that is used to send confirmation emails to a visitor of your website.

CiviRules #

CiviRules is an extension that enables to execute business rules on the basis of triggers. In the use case at hand, a visitor to the website submitting a contact form (the trigger), results in an activity/task assigned to a user of CiviCRM (a staff member) to respond to the message, but it also sends a confirmation email to the visitor/constituent that the webform submission has been received. The video shows how this can be set up.