CiviCRM Showcase: Newsletter Subscriptions

Introduction #

Each showcase that is presented here, shows functionality that is provided by CiviCRM in combination with other systems. The site intends to show examples of how CiviCRM can support organisations when reaching out to their constituents, try to engage or activate constituents or raise funds to continue aiming for their goals.

The videos on the use case pages, show functionality from different perspectives:

  • the constituent / visitor of your website
  • the organisation’s staff member
  • a manager

For all use cases, we’ve created separate pages to explain how that particular use case was set up and configured or provided links to places where the setup is explained.

The “Newsletter Subscriptions” Use Case #

Lorenzo is interested in the activities of Save the Forest and wants to sign up for the newsletters. He ticks the boxes he is interested in and he submits the form. He then gets an email to confirm his subscription. That confirmation email also contains a link with which he can update his bulkmail preferences at Save the Forest.

From the constituent’s perspective #

The video shows what a constituent in this use case would see at your website as well as the confirmation mail that is sent and the call to action in there. The links in there will lead to pre-filled forms with data of the constituent.

From the Staff member’s perspective #

The video shows what a staff member of the organisation gets to see once the constituent has added data through a webform and how the staff member can use those data.